Hello and thanks for admiring my beautiful Avanti II.

Built in 1978 by the Avanti Motors Corp ( which was a spinoff from the Studebaker Motors backruptcy in 1966). An average of 150 cars were produced to custom order each year from 1966-1982. This second generation of Avanti cars were designated with “II”.

Almost all the componants were left over from the original 1962-64 production line except for the drive train which is from the GM Corvette of the same production year. This car has a 1978 Corvette V-8 engine 350 CI with the Turbo 400 automatic trabsmission. This engine is slightly upgraded with aftermarket cam shafts, higher CFM 4 barrel carburator, true dual exhaust system. All this raised the brake Horsepower & torque significantly.

The body was completely restored and painted with high quality Mercedes Benz Glassurite enamel with clearcoat; some re-chroming and fitted with Dayton Wire Wheels & 3 spoke center spinners.

The undercarriage and sub-frame were also completely restored/rebuilt.

It goes nice and is very roadworthy!









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