Dear Mike,

Firstly the Chromatic Harmonica is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT instrument.

Toots was a musical genius and so he mastered the idiom of Jazz on the Guitar

and later expressed his music through the Chromatic Harmonica.

There are many players today who can play the Chromatic Harmonica but not in the pure jazz idiom.

They can play all the notes and all the keys but to me it seems that something is lacking when they play Jazz.

You on the other hand know your Jazz and the Blues and all the related music theory

and have a complete understanding of the Chromatic Harmonica.

You also have an unique sound and have the ability to play real Jazz.

Take care and stay well.

Kind regards,

Sumant “Shoom” Gupta – Copenhagen, Denmark – a dedicated Jazz harmonica afficianado and “muse”.

Hi, Mike, Long time. I hope you’ve been well. I saw a brief clip of you playing at Thelonious Monkfish and it seemed that your style was much pared down and honed from what I remembered.  

Winslow Yerxa  http://winslowyerxa.com 

March 31, 2017 at 1:41 PM