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‘ The Mouth That Roared ’

Anthology & Retrospection of Turk’s work from the 70’s years 1974—1981 includes previously unreleased material and re– releases of vinyl records and reel tape

Tin Sandwich Music
… with many legendary Boston area musicians including :

Richard Johnson , Geoff Bartley, John Kolstad, Lew London, Billy Novick, Chris Cioe, Kenny White, John Macey, Jimmy Biggins, Eliot Balaban, Paul Socolow, David Acker, Bob Weiner, John Neves, Bob Stolloff, Michael Kernan Wingerter, Rob Van ….The Scam, Radio King, The Royal Scats

…”Mike, I received your anthology CD yesterday and it hasn’t been off the turntable for a moment since. I’m honestly not jivin’ when I say its one of the most enjoyable listening experiences I’ve ever had. Its a truly wonderful disc…..I particularly love “Roly Poly” and “Hurricane Blues”….both are fabulous tracks. But the whole CD is a tremendous showcase of your completely unique talent.”     Andy Martin (Stains)

1 – Country Strut – (M. Wingerter/M.Turk) – 1980 :Michael Kernan Wingerter ( gtr) , unknown (bs), Bob Weiner(dr) USA Census Bureau commercial soundtrack

2 – My Old Friend – (R. Johnson) – 1974: Richard Johnson (gtr, vcls)

3 – Old Man Adams – (R. Johnson) – 1974: same as above

4 – Barnyard Dance – (Carl Martin)-1975:Lew London (mandolin) Jim Tullio (bs) Turk (2nd vocls)1975  from “Beans Taste Fine”Wampus Cat WM1114,

5 – Me And The Devil – (Robert Johnson) – 1975 :John Kolstad(6 str gtr & vcls) also from “Beans Taste Fine” Wampus Cat WM1114,

6 – Roly Poly – (Fred Rose) – 1976 :”Wildman” Mike Turk & The Royal Scats – John Macey (pd steel gt), Ken White(piano), Larry Feldman (vln), J.Manchester(Ld gtr), Dave Conrad(bs), Steve Brazis(dr) Physical Records, Delta-X (producer

7 – Hurricane Blues- (Earl
Bostic)- 1976
: arr by Billy Novick(alto sax), Saul Shockett(tn sax), Chris Cioe (bari sax), Buzz Threlkeld( tromb), Nelson Bogard(trp), Ken White(piano), Mike Wingerter(gtr),Dave Conrad(bs), Rich Dishman(dr)- Physical Records, Delta-X (producer)

8 – Don’t Want To Know – (John Martyn UFO Music (BMI)) – 1976 :Geoff Bartley (gtr, vcls), Tim Wells ( bs) from “Blues
The Surface”, SwallowTail, ST1001

9 –The Narrows – (M.Turk,E.Balaban) –1978 :Eliot Balaban( Piano, kybds), David Acker(gtr), Paul Socolow (bs), Bob Weiner (dr), Jim Biggins(tn sax)- previously unreleased

10 – Riverside Jive – ( M.Turk, E.Balaban) –1978: same as above

11 – Walkin’ On a Cloud Intro and theme– (M.Turk,E.Balaban)-1979 : Eliot Balaban(piano), John Neves(bs), Bob stoloff(dr).Theme from “Walkin On a cloud” Midnight Sun Film Productions, director Greg Gold – previously unreleased

12 – Perfect Stranger – (Johnn M. Aloia) –1980: The Scam – M. Fitzgerald(gtr), G.Doherty(vcl),R.Sigglekoe (bs), D. Newton(dr). Alpha- Media Records.

13 – various Commercial Radio/TV soundtracks 1981 :produced in NYC

14 – Nantucket Sound – (M. Wingerter/M.Turk) – 1980 :Michael Kernan Wingerter( gtr) ,Fred Stone(bs), Bob Weiner (dr) USA Census Bureau commercial soundtrack

15 – The Point – (M.Turk) –1980 :Eliot Balaban( Piano, kybds), David Acker(gtr), Paul Socolow(bs), Bob Weiner(dr), Jim Biggins(tn sax) Rob Van (synth) previously un-released

 16 – Dippin’ In Da Ducksauce – (M.Turk) –1980 : same as previous selection